What is a Ropes Course? A ropes course consists of a series of obstacles located approximately 30 feet off the ground.  Participants wear a helmet and are secured by a rope and harness as they negotiate the obstacles.  While there is some physical movement on a ropes course, the elements are set so they are more mentally challenging than physical. Some of the challenges on the Ropes Course at Nakoda Lodge are:            Zip Line: Ride the exciting Zip Line on the ropes course. If you want to, you can do it again too! Stepping-stones: This is a very fun event, kind of like walking on stones in a river one step to the next step with big gaps in between. Burma Bridge: This is one for almost every one, easy and fun plus just a little spooky. Postmans walk: A tight line at your feet and a tight line at your waist make this a very thrilling challenge. Footsey: One of the most physical challenges on our course, it is a series of vertical ropes with loops for your feet.  A good work out. The beam: The fixed beam is a bit of a cruiser.  Just like walking on a very skinny sidewalk. The X: The challenge of the course!!  Two ropes that cross in the middle.  If you can make it across this one with out falling off, than you will have achieved the honor of ropes course Ninja. Is this Safe? We’ve operated this ropes course without incident since building it in 1995.  The ropes, poles, anchors, wires, and all equipment are checked and maintained on a daily basis.  All of our technicians are trained in first aid, ropes course safety and group management. Participants are attached to a safety cables at all times, and if needed, can be lowered to the ground by the technician at any time. Your safety is our primary focus.  Participants who do not adhere to safety guidelines will be exited from the course, without a refund. Mountain weather can change quickly.  It is the responsibility of the technician to close the course in severe wind, rain or electrical storms. Things to consider? This course is designed so that individuals can choose for themselves which elements they wish to do.  Try them all or repeat your favorite challenge several times- you decide! Or do the element with another person up on the course with you! This course is very good for a group or team or family unit. Participants can try as many elements as they want, people can help each other and be on the same element at the same time! Participants must be fit enough to climb up a ladder, reach out and pull on suspended ropes.  While some physical strength is needed, the real challenge is in conquering the perception of risk and danger. The staff will certainly encourage and coach people. What do I need to bring? We provide helmets and harnesses for all participants.  You need to bring/wear the following: - comfortable clothing that is easy to move in and appropriate for the day’s weather - sturdy footwear that is securely fastened  (no open toe sandals) - the desire to try something new and adventurous - a camera to capture that “once in a lifetime” moment Where do I go? The ropes course is located at the beautiful, on Highway 1A.  How do I book this? Call to book at 403-678-2230 or toll free at 800-661-9400
See ya there!! The Nakoda Ropes Course
Call for a booking at 403-678-2230 or toll free at 800-661-9400